Lanxang LTE-42 5.56

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Lanxang LTE-42 5.56


Designed around the philosophy that a battle rifle should be light and fast but most of all, dependable, and consistent enough to hold Minute of Angle or better. It's balanced perfectly to give the shooter maximum advantage for follow up shots and multiple engagements. You're going to have a hard time finding a rifle with better harmonics and feel, especially at a high rate of fire. CNC machined billet 7075 aluminum upper and lower married up to a 1/8 twist Lothar Walther barrel with nickel boron bolt and carrier group. Speed and comfort come from the Geiselle 2 stage trigger (G2S) and the OSS Bannar Alpha 1 brake hider. (Etched cup not included)

Barrel Length:
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Billet 7075 aluminum upper                                                     

Billet 7075 aluminum lower

Billet 6061 aluminum charging handle

Billet 6061 aluminum tactical latch

Extruded 6061 aluminum hand guard

Billet 6061 aluminum rail attachment (qty of 3)

416 stainless low profile gas block

416 stainless barrel nut

Stainless 1/8 twist barrel ( Lothar Walther)

Ambidextrous AXTS selector switch

Nickel boron bolt and carrier group

Geiselle 2 stage trigger (GS2)

OSS Bannar Alpha 1 brake hider

Magpul grip

Magpul rear stock

Magpul Pro front and rear pop up sights

Magpul gen3 magazine (qty of 2)

Available in 14.5”, 16” and 18” barrel

All aluminum parts are CNC machined                

And Hard Coat Anodized (type III)

Note: 14.5 " Barrels are pinned from the factory